March 1, 2013

NaCreSoMo #1: Revisions, Revisions

I don't have anything especially amazing to impart to you on the first day of NaCreSoMo. I was already planning on finishing revisions of a chapter from my WIP that I workshopped in class yesterday, so that's what I did. Acted according to plan. One hopes that future days of NaCreSoMo are more interesting.

I feel like I should come up with a special code name for this novel, but I'm bad enough at coming up with real names that I don't trust myself to invent something suitably tongue-in-cheek.

For today I don't have a big long CREATIVE CREATION to share. While I hope to be posting more in-depth word-sketches and other interesting minutia as the month wears on, I will not be posting excerpts from the WIP currently code-named NEEDS A BETTER CODE NAME.

In lieu of an excerpt, please accept this out-of-context sentence, written today, by me: "The ocean consumed from the outside, and the snatchers devoured from within."


  1. I personally like WIP (pronounced whip but shorter) for works in progress that I have not come up with a name for.

    And if that sentence is in your current WIP, I am excited to read more of it!

    1. The WIP is currently (privately) named for the main character, but I feel that it should have a real code-name, especially since I have been tasked with developing two projects at the same time (GAH!)...

    2. I keep doing that too (using the main character name as the title) and then not coming up with a real title even by the end. Well, except for my last NaNoWriMo; that one was "Clone" from the very beginning.

  2. Maybe for one of the days you can create a code name? :) Totally counts.