May 31, 2011


What makes a book extraordinary? Are the necessary elements quantifiable, or ineffable?

And how many extraordinary books can one expect to read in a year? A lifetime?

I've been succumbing to reader fatigue recently, and I just really want to know. When is that extraordinary book going to appear? And how will I know it, when it appears?


  1. For something completely different, try The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. It's three huge books rolled into one gigantic (2500+ pages) brilliant, funny, swashbuckling, love story epic alternative history fantasy tale. Not very similar to your usual reads, wouldn't suggest the time investment to many people unless I was sure they'd love it, but with your prodigious appetite for reading and your great speed, I think you might not mind, and you might just love it. If you read it I'd love to know your opinion.

  2. @Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip! I'm throwing these on my Goodreads list as I type...