March 14, 2011

MacBook vs. MacBook Pro

I'm considering my next computer. I've already decided on a Mac, but am having difficulty choosing between a MacBook and a MacBook Pro. For those not in the know, I generally use my computer for the following:

- internet (email, blogging, streaming video)
- DVD watching
- iTunes
- Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

I'm a light to moderate user (I think), but I do tend to watch a lot of video content (Netflix, Hulu, DVDs) and get really annoyed when things take forever to load.

Any opinions here?


  1. Well. Most likely it's not the computer affecting the speed of loading. The problem is probably the internet connection and if it actually is the computer, both the Macbook and the Macbook pro will be more than capable of handling your video needs.

  2. @Anonymous

    Oh, I'm pretty sure it's the computer I have (in this case) that's causing the video problems... it's kind of a piece of you-know-what at this point. But thanks for the tip! Mac will definitely be WAY better than what I have now, regardless of which I pick.

  3. From the use-case you describe, a regular Macbook is going to be more than enough to fill your needs. A MacBook Pro really won't offer you much that you need unless you do a lot of high-res picture/movie/sound editing or coding/rendering. Though they sure are pretty. I would even suggest looking into getting refurbished Macbook and save yourself another hundred bucks or so. You can find them on Apple's homepage and they come with a warranty. I've been buying refurb machines for years and never had any trouble (in fact, they usually are tested more thoroughly than factory-fresh machines).

    Enjoy. I love getting a new computer

  4. I would say a regular Mac would be fine. I, too, contemplated between the Macbook and the Pro, but chose the Macbook and am more than happy with it. I would just suggest getting one of those hard clip on covers to keep it from getting scratched, etc. Plus, they look super pretty.

  5. I would definitely say the Macbook. My brother knows much more about this than I do and I asked him about this for a friend and he told me that basically the only reason for getting a Pro would be for like heavy photo editing or gaming or something like that, so I think you're good with the regular Macbook. Plus it's smaller and white! :)

  6. Thanks, all, for your helpful advice! I was leaning toward a Pro, but it was really because of a: the size of the screen, and b: it's pretty. But really... an extra $800+ for pretty?

    At this point I'm almost settled on the Macbook, and a lot of it is thanks to you!

  7. I use a macbook and I do pretty much what you do, I can't tell you about pro though.