March 11, 2011

Covers and such

Today I bought a second copy of The Goose Girl. Why? Did my first get caught in the rain? Eaten by wolves? Blasted in a nuclear explosion?

No... It was just that my first copy had the photographic cover, and what I really really really wanted was the old cover. The Alison Jay cover. This is not to say the photographic cover is awful -- it's just that the Alison Jay covers are gorgeous. I want. (PS: They're coming out with Alison Jay covers for Forest Born, in case you were wondering.)

Anyway, that's that. Now I have two copies of The Goose Girl. They look right at home next to my two copies of The Graveyard Book (one US, one UK). (Although I may need to track down a hardcover copy now... with the Alison Jay cover, of course.) And now my inner self is raising an eyebrow and wondering, when did I become the sort of person to buy multiple copies of books just for the cover? It's starting slow but may be catching on... I've also got multiple copies of Les Miserables (three of them!) and two of The Brothers Karamazov. Where does it end??!?

Do any of you do this sort of thing? Buy multiple copies of a book? (For any reason... my thing seems to be the cover, but I'm sure there are vastly more interesting reasons behind such compulsions.) Speak!


  1. I'll occasionally do this for sci-fi / fantasy paperbacks when I own a more modern reprint and I find one of the older printings from the 50s/60s/70s with classic cover art, yellowed pages, that aged book smell, the typesetting typical of the time/genre, etc. It helps if I haven't read the book recently and want to re-read it.

    I don't know about keeping them, though. I have such bookshelf space problems that I usually end up giving the newer one away to someone or to a charity, unless it possesses a similarly awesome cover.

  2. @Chris

    Yes, I probably should be getting rid of the duplicates. I don't have a bookshelf space problem yet though, so I'm putting off the decision. And there's no way I could ever part ways with my UK edition of The Graveyard Book.

  3. Ahh the duplication buyer, I do the same.