February 2, 2011

Progress: It has been made

Hi all...

So, the Board. It has been made. I was putting it off because I was telling myself I absolutely had to go to the supply store and purchase a brand new cork board (along with brand new index cards and brand new push pins) -- but then I got my act together and pulled down the one I have been studiously not using for a while (had random inspirational poetry and such on it) and got out my 200 index cards and the matching set of push pins I have never opened. (Yes, that was procrastination. And love of new office supplies.)

Long story short, I've got a board with some masking tape across it (as prescribed by Save the Cat), and some index cards. I would take a picture and show it to you, but I had an unfortunate incident with our oven last night (I am currently typing without the use of my left middle finger) and negotiating a digital camera, etc., would be a lot right now. I promise, picture to come. Anyway, now that I've gotten this together, some things about the story are immediately apparent:

1. The main character doesn't have a name. Oops?

2. There are a lot of empty spaces where lots of intrigue and action should go.

3. I honestly don't know where the story "ends," according to the handy plot formula I've been working off of.

It's good. I've started. Next step? Outlining the sub plots from beginning to end. Theoretically this will provide fodder to fill the empty spaces I've got. I'll probably have to come up with my main character's name all by myself, though...


  1. Good for you! I use a white board to help me with plotting and just about everything else. It fills almost an entire wall in my office. There's nothing like writing with colored markers and crossing off my to-do list.

    Happy writing!

  2. Congratulations! I love new office supplies too, and it's amazing all the goodies I find in my cabinets that I forgot about. Good luck! :)

  3. @Kathi Oram Peterson

    Thank you! I have often wanted an office filled with nothing but boards, but if I actually had that I probably would spend entire days doodling on them and get nothing done!

  4. @Alexia561

    Thanks! Office supplies are the best. :)