January 5, 2011

In the slog

I'm in the slog, yo. Which is funny, really, because it's not like I'm three hundred pages into revisions. I made a resolution to spend fifteen minutes a day writing, and so far I've written half a scene from the hero's perspective (rather than the heroine's), a thought exercise on the history of the kingdom I'm writing in, and a doodle about whether the heroine should be in love with someone other than the person with whom she's in love at the beginning of the book.

In other words, I've been slogging around, doing something, sure, but what? Err...

I've got two problems. 1. I don't know where to start. There's too much. The prospect of reconsidering the entire book is staring down at me from the ceiling, claws extended. AH! And 2. I'm losing faith in the book. The ideas. The characters.

There are horror stories everywhere (at least everywhere I'm looking) about how hard it is to make your book stand out, about how hard it is to be successful as a writer, about how hard everything is, even if your writing is extraordinary. And even though my writing is certainly nowhere near extraordinary -- well, I had hopes that I would make this book as amazing as it could possibly be. And this is one of those slogs where I don't think I can. It's not new enough. Not cool enough, not captivating enough, not original enough...

Sigh. Revision is slow going. On the other hand, it took a long time figuring out how to write crappy first drafts. I've only just figured out how to finish a crappy first draft. So maybe it'll just take a while to figure out how to revise those first drafts into slightly less crappy second drafts. (Hopefully, though, it won't take quite as long as the first-drafting process...)


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