January 21, 2011


Okay, so I blame this entirely on Elana Johnson. Because she talked on and on and on about how splendiferously awesome this book on plotting was, and I thought: Hey. I trust this Elana. I have respect for her. I think she may be an internet-cyborg-thingy, the way she seems to be everywhere at the same time and still get her books done. So maybe I'll pick up that book, the one about plotting, since I am having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM.

This post is not about how I'm having trouble with plotting, although I could talk at length about that. No, this post is about how Amazon is a soul-sucker. Because you know what happens? I go over there to check out this book, Save the Cat. Easy enough. One click and it's in my cart.

But then they had to go and do that thing, you know the thing. The one where they say: "eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25!!!" Okay, the exclamation marks are mine. So now I've spent at least twenty minutes agonizing about what I should purchase in addition to my life-saving plot book, and still cannot come to a decision. Not to mention the fact that Amazon is sneakily convincing me that spending more money to buy more stuff (say, $12-15 to reach the magic $25) is better than spending less money ($3-4, right?) on shipping.

Curse you, Amazon! If only you didn't have everything I could possibly want to buy online!

In the meantime, I'll be puzzling over the relative merits of these seventeen books. Yeah...


  1. LOL, I use to be sucked in on that with Barnes and Noble, then I just decided to get there membership for 25 dollars then I got free shipping on any amount of books I order..from one to what ever..so now I don't feel that I have to buy 3 books to get free shipping...LOL

  2. Bwa ha ha! You can never have enough books. I hope you can decide!

  3. @ladystorm

    That's definitely a smart choice, if you're in the habit of buying books often. Unfortunately for me, budgetary restrictions mean that I avoid buying books whenever possible... which means that this situation is doubly nefarious.

  4. @Elana Johnson

    Thanks! I eventually made up my mind, although now there are more books on plotting/writing/revising that are trying to convince me I really should get them all... Err...

  5. Drinking Closer to Home is available now. I almost bought it but had your same dilemma...

  6. @Rebekah

    Well, I loved Drinking Closer to Home, so I would definitely recommend reading it. (Although that probably makes your dilemma worse...)