November 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo: The music

So, about music. Anyone listen to it while writing? Specifically, anyone listening to music while doing NaNoWriMo?

I used to do the music thing, especially during my college years, while doing homework. But as time went on things changed. I'm still not sure what--maybe I started concentrating more, or maybe I started paying more attention to the music. But as is, I cannot listen to music while writing. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration. I can listen to music. But not just any music. Specifically, music I cannot associated with anything. Nothing with words, or else I'll start listening to them. No movie soundtracks from movies I know and love, because I will start thinking of the scenes in which each song comes up. Yep, it's that bad.

That being said, this year's NaNo novel is being written to the soundtrack from the new Alice in Wonderland. I did see the movie, but only once, and some time ago at this point. Thus, it provides the perfect musical background (without being too intrusive) for my finger-tapping.

What about you? Do you listen to music while writing? What kind? Worded? (If so, how can you possibly concentrate on the novel? I just don't get it...)


  1. I listen to my iPod while doing anything. Except for right now because my headphones are dead broken and i'm at school. But usually i'm listening to music anyway, it helps me ignore people around me so I don't get distracted.

    My music is all worded and is many different genre's. Just before my headphones dead the music list went like this: All eyes on me, Tupac > Son of Man, Trazan sound track > 6, 8, 12, Brian Mcknight > Fall for you, Secondhand serenade.

    How do I concentrate? I have no clue. Sometimes I for get the musics playing. Other times I sing along and i'm still able to concentrate on writing. Still no clue though.

  2. Music all the time, except when my husband is at home. He prefers the sound of the TV (yuck). But he wins because he is in school and has all the stress.