November 17, 2010

NaNoWriMo: A heads up

This is just to say I have disappeared into the noveling monster, and do not expect to come out again until December has come. Possibly longer, as I do not expect my first draft to be done by the first. If you would like to pay attention to me, I seem to be posting on twitter every so often (@readerlyperson). This is probably because it's short.

In the meantime, please enjoy yourselves. I intend to come back way cooler than I left, although we'll see how that goes. Also, any suggestions for how to celebrate finishing the first legitimate draft of my first legitimate novel?


  1. Good luck with your noveling. As for celebration after you're done with this first legitimate novel? I'd suggest starting on the next one. Lol!

  2. Best to you, and don't get carpal tunnel like a few others have done :(