October 19, 2010

Books on the Nightstand

So does who here listen to book podcasts? Anyone? Anyone actually do a book podcast? Because if you do, I want to know about it...

Anyway, even though I've been blogging (both successfully and unsuccessfully, at times) for ten months, I still sometimes feel like there is WAY too much stuff on the internet to wrap my head around. Blogging? Okay, I can write some stuff every so often. Tweeting? Hmm... Might be able to pull that off. Goodreads, of course, is just an extension of my massive to-read list. But book podcasts are beasts I hadn't really heard of for a while, and I still think I'm just scraping the surface in terms of what's out there to be seen.

I've tried out about eight or ten podcasts, and have come to the general conclusion that I don't really have the time. Too much stuff going on, too much work, too much to read and write without adding more hours into the day listening to people talk about books. So I don't really listen to book podcasts. Except...

Except Books on the Nightstand, of course. Who can say exactly what it is about this particular podcast that hooked me, except that it is just head and shoulders above all other podcasts I've tried out so far. It's awesome. Just awesome. It feels like your best friend is in your head, giving you delicious (delicious!) book recommendations at the drop of the hat. I've added pretty much every book they've talked about on that show to my list, because they always sound so good.

There's also that sense of community -- BotNS is very much a listener-participation show, where listeners regularly call in and comment, and the founders, Ann and Michael, actually talk up many of those comments.

Anyway, there's my two cents for the day. If you're listening to book podcasts and you haven't tried this one, you should. And if you don't and you're looking to try it out, do this one. Books on the Nightstand is available to subscribe via iTunes, or you can listen on their website (link above). They also have Goodreads and Facebook groups, if you want to get that into it...


  1. I have to agree with you on the not-enough-hours-in-the-day-to-get-done-what-I-should aspect. I'll have to put the idea of book podcasts on the back burner. I thought the post was going to be what was on YOUR nightstand! Always like to see what others in the community are reading.

  2. Ah! I didn't even think of that! Great suggestion -- I'll have to do it in the near future. :)

  3. I listen to Books on the Nightstand when I get a chance - and completely agree that it is a fantastic podcast! Glad to see you recommend it!

  4. Rebecca, you made me cry!! I had the worst day (started at 8am when I missed my flight, and spiraled downhill from there). Thank you so much! This lifted my spirits so very much, you have no idea. Thank you! I'm thrilled to count you as one of our listeners and friends. :)


  5. Thanks so much for visiting! I'm glad my post cheered you up -- I look forward to your podcasts all week, so it's really the least I could do. :)