July 29, 2010

Got Books?: The book recommendations

So I solicited book recommendations during my Got Books? event of the past weekend. Why? Just because I love knowing what people recommend. And adding to my endless to-read list. Yep. So, a few interesting facts...

Most recommended authors (all YA, not surprisingly):
1. Suzanne Collins (13)
2. Maggie Stiefvater (10)
3. Kiersten White (7) -- the only one here whose book is NOT YET out
4. Becca Fitzpatrick (7)
5. Cassandra Clare (7)

Most surprising (to me):
Maria V. Snyder (the author of Poison Study) came in 6th place, with 5 recommendations. Why is this surprising? Well, I suppose because I first discovered Poison Study about five years ago, promptly read it and its sequel (Magic Study), and thought nothing more of them. Honestly, I had her shelved in an area called "good, but obscure" books. Apparently I was wrong, because many of you know of her (and many more of you on the blogosphere have been posting Poison Study reviews in the past few weeks). What gives? (Not that she's not awesome, of course - but I thought only I knew that!)

Most interesting book I'd never heard of before:
The Dust of One Hundred Dogs, by A. S. King.
Mozart's Blood, by Louise Marley.

Most encouraging:
Multiple recommendations for Neil Gaiman (awesome!), as well as recommendations for some of my absolute favorite authors (Charles de Lint and Juliet Marillier). And, of course, my all-time favorite book: Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo.

Anyway, that all goes to say that you are all very interesting people, with a vast array of reading habits. All told, I got 236 unique recommendations. (In case you were wondering, I'd only read 55 of them.) That's enough to keep me busy for a year! Thanks, all!

What do you think of these (brief) factoids? Maybe I should think about doing some more scientific statistics... The aforementioned are just the ones that jumped out at me at first glance.


  1. I like getting the news in brief like this.

    I liked Poison Study too. Isn't it amazing how some books make you feel like you're the only one to discover them?

  2. Hey, i read poison study. it had potential...but why was the commander a woman?! or were they really a mna? it served no purpose to the plot. odd. also, the romance between valek and yelena was rushed. won't be reading the other books in the series.

  3. @Anonymous Hmm... Honestly, I don't remember the commander at all (having read the books five years ago and not really come back to them...) - this probably means I should go back and reread, especially since I still haven't read the third one.

    @fairyhedgehog I know! There's this obscure little book I love, that pretty much no one has heard of. (Except the 3300 people who rated it on Goodreads, apparently.) I should say something about that phenomenon sometime. :)

  4. Interesting stuff! I loved the premise behind Dust of 100 Dogs. Can't wait to see what you think of the recommended books :)

  5. Corinne and I both read Poison Study last summer and thought it was awesome, went to get the next two books in the series and were disappointed. I sped through them mostly to see if they got better (they didn't), and that was that. (And yes, I do remember you telling me this would happen the first time I asked you about the book.)

  6. I never got around to the third one... Now I feel like I should finish it just to know what happens.