May 31, 2010

Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate Goal is this: I'm going to finish my rough draft by the end of June. Period.

I thought that May 31 would be a good day to announce this, because while I have been working on my WIP recently, it's been at a meandering pace. With the beginning of June comes the beginning of a new era. Turbo time! This is going to be kind of like NaNoWriMo... except I'll be alone on it. Daunting, but think of how accomplished I'll feel at the end!

There you have it, spread across the internet for all to see. Hold me accountable, people! Updates, hair pulling, and chocolate meltdowns to come.


  1. How about a word count widget so we can see how you're getting on?

    Good luck with the writing. I hope your inner editor has been sent on holiday for the duration.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I've put one up, big and bold, right at the top! Oooh... It's a little intimidating...

  3. YES! go you!! *high five*

    you can do this!!


  4. yay, sounds like a plan to me!!

    (and yes, I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables movies :) except that new Continuing Story.)

  5. WOW! What a great goal to set for yourself. Go you!! :-)

  6. there's a blogger who started a BuNoWriMo thing for June on facebook. She's lining people up who want to do this very thing in June.

  7. Hmm... Interesting that there is one, not sure I'll officially join in. There's just something about the lonesome wanderer writing thing that's appealing to me right now... Thanks for the tip! (Also, it took me FOREVER to figure out the Bu, and I'm still not sure. Burrow?)