May 16, 2010

The book swap

So here I go... And like many projects, this book one requires input from knowledgeable people - like you!

I have limited time - I also have limited space. So I don't have enough room to hang on to every book I've ever purchased or received. My equation for many years has not been exactly quantified, but can be said to go something like this: If I've read the book more than twice, and plan on reading it again, it deserves to stay. Otherwise, it's time to go.

Because of my role as book reviewer, because of some well-intentioned gifts, because of a tantalizing library book sale, I've received a few books that do not pass this test. So I have a number of books that need to go. The question is: how?

In the past I've donated to the library, or traded in at a used book store. Right now, I'm interested in looking into book swapping. Does anyone have an opinion on the book swap websites out there, or even just the concept of book swapping? All input appreciated.


  1. I've never bookswapped (but I might in the future). I just joined goodreads last week and when you add a book to your list that you own, you can also enter in bookswap. I haven't tried it yet, but I assume you can just bookswap with the people who are your friends on there. It seems like it would be really cool if there is a book I'm not crazy about but someone else might love.

  2. Thanks for the input! I'll be interested in hearing about your experience. :)

  3. I am a member of PaperBackSwap, and have been a member of BookMooch. I like PBS better because there is a much wider variety of books available. Its pretty easy and straightforward, you send a book and get a credit to recieve a book. It costs less than $3 to ship a book media mail of course, so it ends up being affordable.

    The GR swap works differently. You just post your books to swap and the other person pays for the postage and you send it, and for every 10 books you swap you get a credit to get one free. I don't like that format nearly as well.

    Anyway, I found you on the blog hop and am enjoying looking around your blog :)

  4. Eh - thanks for the info on Goodreads. I really didn't know it worked that way... I'm definitely liking PBS so far, although I haven't found any books I really have to have yet. The coolest thing? The fact that they print out the label! Awesome! (Okay, I may be easily amused.)

    - Rebecca