April 16, 2010

The Chosen One

Okayyy... Changes coming to Writer-Town! First off, the embarrassing news: I signed up for this 1000 Words A Day challenge in January. So far: 11,605.

Let us pause for a moment of shame.

Over yet? Well, let's pretend it is anyway, because this is not about past grievances - it's about moving forward. So let's go!

I have a perfectionism problem when it comes to writing, and I've found that in my particular case, the best way to get around it is to write. Like, actually write. Not type, write. You know, that thing people used to do with a pen and some paper...? I think it works for me because it becomes ridiculously difficult to delete stuff. Especially when you write in black ink. So it's less "Was that the absolute best sentence that could have been typed?" and more "Too late, sucker! Forward motion only! Onward and upward!"

Anyway, I started actually writing Project Voldemort, and it was going pretty well until last night. You see, last night I decided I'd type all that I'd written so that I could make a nifty little wordle of my pathetically lightweight manuscript to show all of you. That's where the problems hit. All the sudden I was second guessing, editing while I wrote, gasping at my appallingly bad prose... I could go on, but let's leave at this: bad. Bad idea. It completely negated what I was going for when I went off-computer in the first place. (Although I did end up finishing the type-slaughter, and I did come up with two nifty little wordles, which I will now show you.)

Wordle: Project Voldemort #8
This nifty little wordle is what I wrote by hand (the most recent components to Project Voldemort) and typed in last night.

Wordle: Project Voldemort
 And this nifty little wordle is my complete manuscript.

While I think the nifty little wordles are...well...nifty, their awesomeness is not a worthwhile reason to continue typing my story up as I write it. It looks like that's just not how I work best. So as much as I would love to post weekly word counts, that isn't going to happen. Seeing as how notebooks do not come with tool bars.

Instead, what I will be doing is figuring out something else to post as a (roughly) weekly update. Maybe which scene I completed most recently. Or the coolest thing about my story thus far. Or the stupidest character name I threw in just because his name had to be something. Anyway. I'll figure it out. Expect the first update next week!

In closing, I will say that Project Voldemort needs a new name. A real name. One of those names that will inevitably get trashed the second it's submitted to an agent, but that sounds at least mildly close to the real thing while I'm actually writing it. (As in, not Project Voldemort.) So for now, the previously-titled Project Voldemort is unnamed. The Chosen One has taken it down. We'll see what stands to take its place.

(Title suggestions welcome, by the way. Feel free to mosey over to the "Works in Progress" page to check out the very vague description I have of the plot.)


  1. I love wordle! And hey, 11,000 words is nothing to sneeze at! That's something. Forward progress!

  2. I know! I love wordle too! That's honestly the worst part of not typing the story, but I think for the sake of my writing process, it has to be sacrificed. :( (Although I'm planning an epic wordle series once I finish the rough draft and actually type the whole thing up! Something to look forward to!)

    11,000 words is not bad, agreed. But if I had actually written 1,000 words a day when I said I would, I'd be around... 90,000 right now? Enter the moment of shame.

  3. Project name suggestion:

    Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-PTANG. Zoom-Boing. Z'nourrwringmm

  4. Ha! I didn't know you were still reading! I think we need to translate that title though. It's still in a foreign language.

  5. Hi! Glad you found my blog so I could find yours :)

    "Too late, sucker! Forward motion only! hahahahahahaha! Some great lines in here. I'll be lurking, ahem, following you now :)

  6. Definitely! I was drawn in by the owls. The owls, I tell you! I'm already planning an owl-themed post to introduce the awesome owl contest.

    By the way, you are cool because you are totally me. Evidence: Your real-life code name is Rebecca; my real-life code name is Rebecca. You like reading, writing, etc.; I like reading, writing, etc. And I saved the best for last: You had the middle finger on the left hand broken in a door (van); I had the middle finger on my left hand broken in a door (bathroom). <-- Total "woooooah" moment, right?

    (Just so you know I only discovered this plethora of knowledge [specifically the finger thing] because of your awesome Borders Awards stories, which I started going back in time to read. I am not a totally creepy stalker. I am just a hilarious writing stalker. That's why. Really.)

  7. Love the wordle and your WIP's plot is really good!! 11,000 words is awesome! Congrats