March 19, 2010

My god, is that a world out there?

Ooooh... It's been a while. So I said that it was easy. Liquids, bumming around in my pajamas, TV and happy bluebirds and better in a couple of days. I was going to make up my midterm this week. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I think we've all heard more about mono than it deserves, but the long story short is that my condition took a serious dive south last weekend, and I was finally forced to call my father to bring me home (yes, all the way home from college) to recover. Nearly a week later, I am (mostly) done being delirious, and I can now happily say that I have regained the ability to stay awake for more than two hours straight.

It might take a few more days, since I now have a ton of catching up to do, but you may expect to see me more often from here on out.

My sympathies to anyone who will, in the future, contract mono. It was no party, and knowing this, I will gladly bring all of you chicken soup and read to you when your brain is too tired to read to itself.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear how ill you've been with this. Glandular fever (which is what we Brits call mono) is absolutely the pits.

    You really need to take it easy afterwards and convalesce properly because it gives your system a battering.

    I hope you feel good again soon.

  2. Thanks for the advice and sympathy. :) I'm actually on spring break next week, which should be excellent for relaxation/recovery purposes.