January 10, 2010

Also, the internet is a giant black hole ready to bite my head off

This just in: the internet is scary. All of a sudden I'm finding interesting blogs that link to more interesting blogs that link to more interesting blogs, and the whole thing spawns a sort of rabbit-esque revolution (you know, the classic biological "replicate like bunnies" example), and before you know it I've blown hours discovering the most awesome people and the most awesome blogs.

Now I totally understand how people run away into the internet forever. The question becomes: how can I lurch my way back out of this quicksand? Help! Help! I have to make it back in time for my internship tomorrow!


  1. Rebecca, anyone who calls their current piece of writing "Project Voldemort" is my type of person! Thanks for visiting my little blog; I'm so glad I found yours.

  2. Hi, I've popped across from the Bat's Birthday Bash and I know just what you mean about blogs proliferating. My Google Reader is overflowing and I'm going to have to unsubscribe to something. The trouble is, what?

    I loved this post.

  3. Prowling in from Nicola's blog-birthday party because you called yourself a "readerly person" - oooh I like people who read!

  4. How did I miss this one? I am still exploring blogs from Nicola's. Yes, really identify with what you're saying about how crazily obsessive it can get. Sometimes I just have to stop myself or I can go nuts with it.

  5. To everyone: Thanks so much! I'm so glad that you all stopped by. Hope you enjoy yourselves.